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Goodbye slow business days! - Selling at Christmas is easy...

How to sell every day

Turn your business into a 365 days sales machine!

It's make or break time, a bad Christmas could ruin a retailer's year. Some will make losses, some will fail - and the threat of online has never been stronger.

by Colin Kruger - www.theage.com.au

The quote to the left is from an Australian online paper sums it up. You can search any of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing and you will find exactly the same NEWS for the country and region you are residing in. If you are lucky and your business allows you to sell online (providing you have the technical infrastructure and the marketing budget for it) then you might just be able to keep up. If you do sell online then think of selling mobile! - MovyloShop is one of the best online shopping systems we know and it comes highly recommended!

If you run a "bricks & mortar" type of business and you are stuck on the high street relying on walk-in-customers to save your day then you almost certainly need to up your game now to be able to compete. In Store Rewards System is designed with business owners of a "bricks & mortar" business that primarily rely on walk-in-customers.

How much is your business relying on seasonal sales and people being in a general spending mood?

How much is your business already suffering due to the year on year increase in online internet sales?

Ebay, Amazon & Co. are all squeezing the lifeblood out of local retail businesses - Can you feel the changes already?

Can you really rely on strong sales all year around with no need to worry about the future of your business?

Thanks to seasonal sales like "Black Friday" and Christmas we are all happy and most likely make 50% or more of our annual turnover during these periods. These are great times for sales and we tend to forget when business is good to prepare for the times when business is slow (well, Christmas is only a short period of a few days in a year...).

Would it not be infinitely better for your business to make sales consistently and continuously, and especially during the notorious slow business times? More business on a daily basis - to attract more new customers, make more sales and have your trusting and loyal customers returning to your business more often?

Does your business primarily rely on walk-in-customers?
If the answer is YES, then In Store Rewards is the key to your success for selling a lot more each and every day of the year. Take a moment and read further or contact sales NOW!

A Fully Automated Text Messaging In Store Rewards Marketing & Sales System

Honestly, it really does not matter at all what type of business you are in or what service you provide; as long as you rely primarily on walk-in-customers then In Store Rewards is the solution for you!

And here is how it works....

  • Open your In Store Rewards Account - make use of the FREE trial or go straight for the paid plan.
  • Fill in your details under "My Account" and choose your preferred language (at present English or German).
  • With a Free trial you go straight to "Reset Site" and customize your In Store Reward System.
  • Follow the easy "fill-in-the-blanks" instructions to set up your first customer loyalty campaign.
  • Preview your new site and change or customize if necessary and then deploy your campaign.
  • In your business you provide your customers access to a Tablet PC e.g. mounted on your counter.
  • Invite your customers to join your customer loyalty program while you wrap / prepare their purchase.
  • You are done! We guarantee that your first customer loyalty campaign is live in less than one hour!

The In Store Rewards System provides unique features and advantages that are unmatched in the market!!

  • In Store Rewards can immediately be deployed for your business - within one hour you are up and running.
  • In Store Rewards can be fully customized and branded to your business offer and marketing message.
  • In Store Rewards runs on any Tablet PC as a secured and custom Web App - No costly Smartphone App required!
  • In Store Rewards can be deployed by any business anywhere in the World and is multilingual.
  • In Store Rewards is compatible with all mobile phones that are able to send and receive SMS / Text messages.
  • In Store Rewards enables you to build your own SMS contact list on the fly that is in your control.
  • In Store Rewards enables you to send out SMS / Text Message broadcast at any time to all your contacts.
  • In Store Rewards saves time, money and guarantees maximum customer loyalty in a 100% paperless program fashion.
  • In Store Rewards works tirelessly for your business 24/7 and 365 for a low monthly subscription.
  • In Store Rewards is highly cost effective and transparent - we do not mark up on SMS usage!
  • Use In Store Rewards for as long as you like - no contract, no long term commitment and a FREE trial is available too!

Start using In Store Rewards today!
* NO Credit Card required! * NO obligations! * NO strings attached!

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